Sprint VAR Solutions

Sprint Wholesale VAR Solutions give Value Added Resellers the products and tools they need to stay competitive in today’s rapidly evolving business market place. Sprint Wholesale has a unique and innovative portfolio of wireline, wireless and IoT products and solutions that can be customized to fit the needs of any size business.

Value Added Resellers can take advantage of, design, and build a telecommunications and IoT product portfolio and strategy that:

  • Is customized to meet your customer's needs
  • Drives additional revenue
  • Improves customer satisfaction

Customized Business Solutions

Sprint Wholesale offers Value Added Resellers unique and fully customizable business models

Customized Business Model
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VARs maintain full customer ownership.

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VARs have the ability to set and manage product and plan pricing.

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VARs have the option to design, integrate, and customize product solutions that support customer needs in the evolving B2B market.

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VARs have complete control over sales strategy, branding, promotions and customer experience.

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VARs manage the end to end customer life cycle at their discretion.

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Gives VARs the ability to manage and control profit margin based on business model, product offers, and financial need.

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VARs can offer standalone product solutions or integrate and bundle products with their existing portfolio.

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VARs have the ability to define their individual and differentiated sales, distribution, offer, and marketing strategies.

Sprint VAR Product Opportunities


Sprint Wholesale has the wireless products and solutions our customers need to stay on the cutting edge of technology and a step ahead of the competition.

VARs have the ability to leverage and take advantage of Sprint’s robust network assets, a comprehensive and fully customizable portfolio of products and device solutions.


  • Voice, Text, Data
  • Data Controls
  • Data Link
  • Wholesale Mobile Integration
  • Device Solutions

This includes the ongoing support of Sprint’s experienced and dedicated sales, product and operational teams.


Sprint offers a comprehensive suite of converged global wireline products and solutions.

VARs have the ability to create robust integrated telecommunication solutions, taking advantage of the entire suite of Sprint Wholesale wireline, IoT, and wireless products and solutions.

VARs can build and offer standalone product solutions or integrate and bundle custom products with their existing portfolio and solutions.

Internet of Things

Sprint has taken extraordinary steps to become the world leader in the rapidly evolving IoT space.

New uses for IoT technology spring up every day. Businesses need new algorithms and AI to process data, new ideas and business models to make great things happen.

At Sprint we’re proud to be at the forefront of these developments. We’re working to help make the next industrial revolution when truly converged networks power billions of connections that tie together people, places and things.

See what we can do for you.