Let Sprint mobility solutions make your innovation goals a reality.

We bring the right mix of devices, products, technology and support to help you reach your telecom and IoT goals. We collaborate with each customer to build unique and customized solutions, helping you bring new and differentiated product offerings to life.

You have access to all of the capabilities and full strength of the Sprint network. Our open philosophy means you can leverage a full suite of products and optional services from Sprint or you can build and bring your own solutions.

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Sprint MVNOs have access to all of the Voice, Text and Data capabilities of the Sprint network. The Sprint network leverages new and innovative technology, delivering expanded coverage, greater reliability and faster speeds than before.

Products and Solutions

Sprint Wholesale offers MVNOs a robust, diverse, and customizable portfolio of products and solutions. Customers can build unique solutions designed to meet customer needs and compete in today’s rapidly evolving market place.


Sprint MVNOs have access to a wide-range of devices and price ranges to meet the needs of their business. Device options include new, used and bring your own device solutions.


All MVNOs have account, operations, product, network and device managers who are dedicated to the support and success of each MVNO.

MVNOs have access to a comprehensive portfolio of enablement options.

Data Controls

Tools for monitoring, managing, and controlling wireless data usage

Wholesale Mobile Integration

Gain call stream visibility to apply policies


Deliver and manage data through secure and private connections

Back Office Solutions

Systems and tools to serve customers, monitor usage and view network coverage


Broaden your device pool by enabling subscribers to bring their own handsets, tablets, and hotspot

Connectivity (wireline)

Solutions for your worldwide network access needs, plus the full port speed and security you expect

Internet of Things

Dedicated IoT core capabilities, platforms and support models to leverage new technologies and evolve your customer offer

Wi-Fi Calling

Call or message from almost anywhere a Wi-Fi connection is available

MVNE Ecosystem

Leverage an extensive ecosystem of 3rd party service providers