Curiosity™ OS

Simplify management of diverse IoT requirements.

Curiosity™ OS connectivity and device management capabilities enable easy device deployment. Configuration and updates of firmware and software are managed for each device.

The OS offers data management capability, ingesting colossal amounts of data and delivering virtually immediate intelligence on it — with security at the chip level.

Flexible Connectivity Icon

Flexible Connectivity

  • Core Network optimized for IoT
  • Tie in to existing enterprise systems
  • Simple integration external 3rd party data sources
  • 4G LTE (CAT-M +), 5G (anticipated in future)
  • Shared and private APNs
  • Dynamic and static IP addressing
  • Option for enterprise managed IP addresses
Intuitive Managment Icon

Intuitive Management

  • Get detailed reporting and analytics for automated proactive actions management
  • Detect anomalies and take preventative action
  • Direct access to subscription details
  • Control of entire lifecycle with self-service options
  • Platform APIs for business process automation
Dependable Security Icon

Dependable Security

  • Manage devices and connections with Telco grade security
  • White listed internet connectivity
  • Redundant IPSec VPN tunnels
  • Password protected portal and APIs
  • Managed roles for differentiated access
Rapid Deployment Icon

Rapid Deployment

  • Zero-touch onboarding and intuitive management of devices and connectivity
  • Quicker application launch
  • Order and manage SIM cards
  • Activate, suspend (pause) and deactivate subscriptions
  • View subscription details
  • Manage subscription packages
Real-time Control Icon

Real-time Control

  • Detect anomalies and take preventative action with unified real-time reporting and analytics
  • View top traffic statistics
  • Analyze diagnostics
  • Troubleshoot with subscription activity details
  • Use triggers to monitor usage
  • Automatically alert and deactivate based on behavior
Actionable Insights Icon

Actionable Insights

  • Consume enormous amounts of data while delivering immediate, actionable intelligence
  • Daily usage reports
  • Detailed billing report with full session details
  • Analyze monthly traffic usage
  • Track all SIM state changes