Curiosity™ Core Network

Sprint is building a fully virtualized, distributed, and dedicated core IoT network to deliver lower latency and higher availability for the most demanding use cases. It can be distributed through hundreds of instances, including on customer premises.

Because it’s distributed and virtualized, the Curiosity™ Core network reduces the distance between the device generating the data and the IoT application processing it. Nodes are distributed at the edge to help support your specific security, privacy and latency needs.

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Core Network Dedicated to IoT needs only


Built for IoT

  • Developed exclusively for IoT applications
  • IoT specific features introduced without competing with consumer features

Fit for Purpose

  • Dedicated to meet the innovative needs of the IoT customer
  • Optimized for the different IoT use case needs


  • Identity authentication and authorization for IoT devices
  • Standard protocol based network policies
  • Anomalies detection and timely response
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Agile and scalable to meet the needs of the immediate economy

Higher Availability & Resilience

  • Designed with no single point of failure – clusters detect a failure and route subsequent requests to available instances

Cost Effective

  • Low power < 5kWm using micro edge pops
  • Reduced CapEx and Lower OpEx with higher efficiency packet core infrastructure

Scalability On-Demand

  • Decomposition of control plane and data plane functionalities for independent scaling
  • Start at any size and grow at market speed with on demand compute, network and storage
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Robust SLAs on availability, latency and jitter


Low Latency

  • Distance from sensor to apps reduced from 1,000 to < 50 miles, reducing latency to below 20 ms
  • Core round trip latency as low as 2-10 ms

    Low Jitter

  • High performance “colo style” Layer 3 networking, providing lower latency
  • Designed for least pack loss and jitter possible to ensure optimal application performance

    Intelligence on the Edge

  • Fully distributed and tiered by function, such as signaling, interface, service logic and data management
  • Network function decoupled from hardware provides a service-based, modular design

Turn data into mission critical intelligence with Curiosity™ IoT - core network dedicated exclusively for IoT