White Paper | A Shifting Market for MVNO Data

Content Excerpt:

"MVNOs do have an advantage in that they can be more nimble than larger carriers."

A Shifting Market for MVNO Data

When it comes to the growth in mobile data, the projected numbers are staggering. But what does this growth mean to MVNOs?

Faced with a unique mix of challenges (declining prices but rising costs, customer expectations), MVNOs are viewing this more as an opportunity than a challenge. They are working to change the market for mobile data in three primary ways:

1. Redefining Connection – Utilize new and different networks, including Wi-Fi.

2. Spreading Out the Cost – Freemium and sponsored data programs bring together a consumer desire for decreased prices and emerging mobile advertising strategies.

3. Differentiate on Content – Change the conversation to focus on content, rather than data caps.