Gain insight into the MVNO business from customer success stories, whitepapers and expert analysis.

Success Stories

Patriot Mobile - Nailing the Niche

The secret behind Patriot’s early success is their clearly defined target market niche, a compelling offer that resonates with their audience, and their well thought out marketing approach.

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Mobile That Makes a Difference

Learn how Credo made a unique business model even more powerful by entering the wireless business — and as a result is making an even bigger impact on world peace, equality, human rights and the environment.

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QLink -  A Study in Excellence

QLink, an exclusive Sprint MVNO has grown to become America’s third largest lifeline provider in five short years.

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White Papers

Launching a Wireless Brand

The wireless industry is very complex with many federal and state requirements including regulatory, FCC licensing and more. A working knowledge of what it takes to get into the wireless industry, along with an understanding of the competitive landscape is critical to launching, and sustaining an MVNO.

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A Shifting Market for MVNO Data

Faced with a unique mix of challenges (declining prices but rising costs, customer expectations), MVNOs are viewing this more as an opportunity than a challenge.

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Expert Analysis

Find a Niche That Can Scale

No operator wants to announce to the world that it is purposely limiting itself now and in the future by addressing only a small segment of customers. And yet, niches are where communities can be built and loyal customers developed.

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Leveraging B2B MVNO Opportunities

There is a strong trend for MVNOs to address business markets. Independent analyst firm, Ovum, predicts nearly 24 percent of all new subscriber connections over the next five years will come from MVNO subscribers.

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