The cover of the book '5g for dummies'

eBook: Making the Case for Sprint Wholesale SD-WAN

Transitioning to a managed SD-WAN network can be a challenging proposition for many organizations. We can help show and explain to your co-workers and leadership teams why an SD-WAN solution should be the next step for your network.

This eBook was written to help you make the case for SD-WAN for your company. We’ve simplified key features and benefits and outlined the arguments in a variety of different ways. We’ll begin with specific problems and challenges with an emphasis on the need to boost network performance across multiple locations. We include a comprehensive list of benefits for SD-WAN and a financially-based argument about why SD-WAN makes sense.

We’ve also included effective responses for overcoming common objections and some unique recommendations to help win over other members of your team and organization – from the CIO, finance leaders to IT groups - that SD-WAN from Sprint Wholesale is the right decision for your company.

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