Sprint Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN)

New Connectivity demands: Cloud, mobile, IoT, are complicating the WAN environment.

  • SD-WAN is a secure, intelligent way to transport traffic across your network.
  • SD-WAN utilizes hybrid WAN technologies with dynamic traffic steering, centralized policy management and performance reporting, and application-based prioritization.
  • Sprint SD-WAN technology lets your IT team centrally manage the entire WAN through software and distribute business policies to all WAN-edge devices.
  • You can determine the best way to route traffic through the network in order to optimize security and performance.
  • A single console gives you full visibility across your WAN.
    • Easier and more agile management
    • Improved network visibility
    • Simplified Administration
of enterprises experience fewer outages with SD-WAN
Reduction in cost after enterprises add SD-WAN

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Making Connectivity Easier

With Sprint SD-WAN, you can determine the best way to route traffic through the network to optimize security and performance.

Centralized Cloud Based Platform

  • Integrates with traditional MPLS and WAN networks; Supports hybrid WAN technology
  • Dynamic, intelligent routing of applications and traffic through your network
  • Provides a secure gateway to cloud solutions
  • Application-based prioritization
  • Fully managed solution

Single Centralized Dashboard

  • Streamlines and simplifies policy management
  • Improves network visibility and performance reporting
  • Reduces administrative burden
  • Increases IT agility
  • Lowers management costs

Zero/Low Touch CPE Deployment

  • Streamline site deployments with lower deployment cost
  • Reduces implementation timeline

Reduces the complexity of managing networks that support changing business environments.

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