Sprint Back Up Broadband Service Includes:

  • LTE Internet access
  • Wireless NID – Sprint managed Cradlepoint
    • MNS configures NID and ships direct
    • MNS proactive monitoring, notification and ticket management
  • Self or optional professional installation available
  • Optional IPSec ½ tunnel encryption to MPLS
  • Single Wireline Bill
  • Static IP

Sprint U.S. LTE Network

  • Not available for domestic roaming or international access
  • Each location evaluated for deployment based on:
    • Outdoor RF prediction tools
    • Available frequency in area
    • Customer building type


* LTE Supplemental Access requires site validation in order to determine product availability and potential throughput speeds.

* Throughput is not guaranteed and may be impacted by indoor signal strength, LTE frequency and network conditions. Data de-prioritization may occur during peak network congestion.

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