LTE Supplemental Access

Sprint LTE Supplemental Access provides simple out of the box wireless data back up and temporary broadband access. 

  • Sprint LTE Supplemental Access leverages Sprint’s nationwide 4G LTE Network 
  • Utilizes business grade Cradlepoint hardware 
  • Preconfigured out of the box solutions 
  • Managed solution that includes Managed Network Services monitoring & notifications
  • Self-installation or optional professional installation available
  • Requires site validation to determine product availability and potential throughput speeds
  • Static IP included
  • Billing is included in your existing wireline invoice

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LTE Supplemental Access Solutions

Sprint offers two unique product options to meet your connectivity needs.

Sprint Back-Up Broadband

Low-cost broadband solution for backing up your wireline connectivity with passive broadband back-up access.

Pooled usage across all deployed sites at 3GB per month per device for reduced overage risk.

Speed is not throttled.*

Customer owned hardware with a one-time charge or installment (12, 24 or 36 months) billing option.

Installation Service Level Objective is less than four weeks.

Sprint Fast Install Broadband Coming Soon!

Fast data solution to support your data needs prior to Ethernet installation with primary data access.

Usage is unlimited usage prior to Ethernet Access installation within 60-120 days.

Pricing Plans are based on data speeds with max downlink throughput options of 2 Mbps, 5 Mbps, or 10 Mbps.*

Hardware is Sprint owned and is returned to Sprint after wireline installation is completed.

Installation Service Level Objective is less than four weeks.