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Sprint Wholesale Phone Connect

High-quality, wireless phone service with no need for broadband or landline connections.

Sprint Phone Connect is now available for Wholesale customers. Sprint Phone Connect converts analog telephone signals to wireless voice traffic on the Sprint 3G network. Sprint Wholesale Phone Connect provides our MVNO customers with the opportunity to save their end users money while increasing their revenue stream. 

Your end-users just plug their existing landline phone into the Phone Connect device to start making calls on the Sprint wireless network.  Your end-users will be up and running – and saving money with a low cost phone service – in minutes.

The device supports just about any digital or analog phone your customer is already using, including cordless phones with multiple handsets, so there’s no need to buy anything new and you can keep  your same phone number.

The Sprint Phone Connect device has built-in GPS to support 911 calling, and battery backup so your service stays up even when the power goes down

Sprint Phone Connect features include: 

  • Two RJ11 interface jacks for telephone 
  • GPS integration for 911 support 
  • Call waiting and call forwarding 
  • Caller ID (number only) 
  • 3-way calling 
  • International dialing 
  • Voicemail 
  • The ability to retain existing number 

Sprint Phone Connect converts analog telephone signals to wireless voice traffic on the Sprint 3G network. Customers can port their existing home number or activate a new one, and the device supports standard analog/digital home phones.

Benefits to the customer include:

  • Savings – Low cost home phone replacement
  • Simplicity – Plug the Sprint Phone Connect into an existing landline
  • Versatility – No need for new equipment, because Phone Connect supports almost all digital or analog phones your customer might be using
  • Efficiency – Customer can port their existing number and only pay one bill

By partnering with Sprint Wholesale, you can provide your customers with excellent value, the latest solutions to improve their productivity and the Sprint 3G, 4G (WiMAX) and 4G LTE networks for quick access to information.

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