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4G Wireless

Everyone Wants It. Only Sprint Wholesale Has It.

The national telecom networks are spending tens of millions of dollars to promote 4G. But Sprint Wholesale is the only national wireless network that's helping resellers meet rapidly growing demand.

When consumers come clamoring for the power of 4G will you be ready to seize the day, or be forced to turn people away?

Adding 4G to your portfolio now keeps you on par with the major networks. It enhances your image while marginalizing competitors who do not, or will not be able to offer 4G. Plus, it opens up new bundling opportunities.

Sprint 3G/4G is your business multiplier.

Adding the power of a dual mode 3G/4G network can greatly enhance your business across the board. When customers connect with additional aspects of your business, loyalty and lifetime value are multiplied. Sprint 3G/4G allows you to more powerfully integrate multiple aspects of your business - from custom-built applications to your full range of products and services.

What's more, today's consumers and businesspeople want to use bandwidth intensive applications to watch videos, stream live TV, and send large files. Since the demand for data bandwidth is only going to go up, 3G/4G can put you on a path to significant wireless business growth.

Sprint Wholesale 4G Is:

Established - we were the first to introduce nationwide 4G and every day we're continuing to advance our network.

Exclusive - no other national wireless carrier provides dual mode 3G/4G wholesale solutions today.

Fast - capable of delivering download speeds up to 10 times faster than 3G networks.

Unmatched - Sprint has the capability to deliver more network capacity, and has more spectrum set aside for high-speed data, than other national carriers.

Secure - wireless 4G technologies operate on licensed spectrum allowing greater control over spectrum use and access vs. Wi-Fi which operates on unlicensed spectrum.

What Can 4G Can Do For You?

Read our official Sprint Wholesale 4G Announcement, and learn more about our available and upcoming mobile 4G and fixed 4G solutions.

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