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Your customers demand faster speeds for data applications and with the rollout of Sprint’s 4G LTE, they’ll get it! And, along with faster 4G LTE speed, your customers will get the benefits of enhanced 3G which include better signal strength, expanded coverage and better in-building performance. 

Sprint customers in Atlanta, Baltimore, Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, Kansas City, San Antonio, Waco, Chicago, New Bedford/Fall River, MA, Wichita Falls, TX, Hutchison, KS and McPherson, KS are already experiencing 4G LTE service and improved 3G coverage.  Stay tuned—more than 100 new markets are expected to launch in the coming months.   

What is 4G LTE and why is it important to your business?

The success of your brand depends on it! Offering 4G capabilities solidifies you as a wireless provider, tilts the competitive playing field in your favor, and carries your messaging into the marketplace.

Bundling high speed 4G wireless solutions with your proven core business solutions positions you to compete, differentiate, and score against industry leading wireless carriers. 4G multiplies customer lifetime value!

You can expand stand-alone wireless service offerings and boost core service offerings with a variety of synergistic mobile broadband, handset, and fixed wireless access solutions.

And why Sprint Wholesale Solutions?

Wireless customers demand it, the competition is selling it, and Sprint is the only nationwide 3G/4G carrier wholesaling it. Only Sprint Wholesale Solutions is offering wholesale 4G services and solutions to our partners, answering the need for high-speed, high-capacity video, data and voice services that your customers crave and your business needs to compete.

Keep checking here for more launch and LTE device announcements.

Business Applications for 4G LTE

  • Mobile Computing - Sprint 4G broadband devices and embedded laptop solutions – enable individuals to work when and where they want. Speeds and latency improvements over current mobile solutions enable rich content, larger file transfers, and streaming video—translating to real improvements in productivity.
  • Virtual Desktop - Sprint 4G-enabled smart phones will have the processing power, applications, and now the network connectivity to replace the laptop paradigm.
  • Video Delivery & Distribution - Sprint 4G can provide low-latency, remote access to video for remote medical diagnosis, security, training, and progressive learning solutions.
  • Wireless Modules - Low-cost 4G modules to allow high-speed wireless access to remote medical equipment for real-time monitoring   
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