It all starts with the network.

Our fast, high-capacity, converged network is different — and better for wholesale — because as you grow and innovate, our network will deliver the reliability, speed, and improved coverage your business needs and demands.

We are making the most of our spectrum advantage and using innovative technologies such as small cell densification and carrier aggregation to optimize our nationwide Next-Gen LTE Advanced network.


Sprint is building and upgrading all our cell
sites to support tri-band service, leveraging
our 800 MHz, 1.9 GHz, and 2.5 GHz for faster, more reliable service.

Small Cells

Deploying more 2.5 GHz small cells using dedicated spectrum and innovative backhaul solutions to increase capacity and speed.

New Macro Sites

Sprint is deploying thousands of new cell
sites across the country to expand coverage
and keep pace with suburban and rural

Massive MIMO

Deploying 2.5 GHz 64 x 64 Massive MIMO and carrier aggregation, leveraging our spectrum to increase capacity up to 10x and serve as a key 5G enabler.

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Sprint is building for a 5G future

5G is a huge opportunity for businesses with the potential to change the way you work, collaborate, innovate and serve customers.

Sprint is building a robust, edge optimized, and highly flexible network. Using innovative technology to optimize performance, Sprint's 5G mobile network will deliver advancements in capacity, density, latency, coverage and speed.

Sprint’s mobile 5G network is being built to connect everything – people, places, and billions of things – making the connected future a reality.