Dedicated Internet Access

Your employees need to be able to get things done wherever they are and whatever time it is. Which means your network needs to be ready to switch between more endpoints, faster. As a tier 1 Internet Service Provider, we have one of the industry’s most advanced Internet Backbone networks so you can deliver reliable, high-speed internet access that’s capable of handling all sorts of demonstration applications like high-resolution video and app sharing.

Sprint offers 100% fiber-optic Internet backbone with 24/7 monitoring and support that powers:

  • Global data delivery with the lowest possible latency and jitter
  • A congestion-free IP core that runs at over 50% spare capacity, so customers don’t run into road blocks
  • Industry-leading Service Level Agreements that credit monthly charges in full if we fail to meet our standards
  • Class of Service Flexibility that lets you prioritize your most important traffic whether it's voice, video or data
  • Global MPLS and DIA support for IPv4, IPv6 and Dual Stack
  • Online management through our own tool, Sprint Compass 

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