Sprint Wholesale Continues to be an MVNO-friendly Carrier

By Sprint Wholesale

September 22, 2015

Sprint sure has been getting a lot of love from our MVNO customers recently. And what’s not to love? We provide these innovative virtual carriers, who deliver service that runs on our network, with improved coverage, competitive pricing and a Wholesale team of individuals that is easy to do business with.

But don’t take our word for it. Watch the videos below to hear from MVNOs directly.

At the CTIA Super Mobility Week, Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, announced the details of his latest venture – The People’s Operator – during his keynote address. A unique MVNO, The People's Operator connects mobile services with the power to raise funds for good causes. Launched in the US on the Sprint network, TPO will allow customers to donate 10% of their monthly mobile spend to a cause of their choice; at no extra cost to them and without sacrificing good service.

Another burgeoning success story comes from our friends at Karma. The Karma Go Wi-Fi delivers portable Wi-Fi that offers convenient data pricing as you use it on the nationwide Sprint Network. Steven Ven Wel, CEO and Chairman of Karma recently shared a fun video with the Sprint Wholesale team.

The Sprint Wholesale team takes great pride in these happy customers and our commitment to them is another way that Sprint is #gettingbettereveryday!