MVNOs Are Making A Comeback
By Rachael Wohletz
February 16, 2016

Olga Kharif, technology writer for Bloomberg/Businessweek, published recently about the growth in MVNO space and the increasing ease of switching between carriers.

Kharif cited Consumer Reports’ latest industry ranking for customer service satisfaction in the cellular industry with three MVNO brands sitting at the top: Consumer Cellular, Republic Wireless and Ting. The latter two are MVNOs using the Sprint network. “The success and growth of our MVNOs is success to Sprint,” says Scott Kalinoski, a vice president at Sprint, which sells capacity to more than 100 MVNOs.

The Besen Group figures approximately 60 MVNOs will launch this year. Kalinoski explains that companies having the most success tend to focus on specific groups of customers; catering to niches.

Additional insights from Kharif depict the ebb and flow of the MVNO sector, the value proposition of MVNOs and the future demand. For the entire Bloomberg article, click