Making a Real Impact on Network Speeds and Penetration

By Sprint Wholesale

October 23, 2015

PC Magazine has released its review of Sprint’s iPhone 6s. What is important to note about this review is the explanation of our network performance, specifically the advantage of our tri-band network (800, 1900, and 2500MHz). Sascha Segan, author, touts how Sprint’s 800MHz spectrum (band 25) has good range and building penetration, and our 2.5GHz spectrum (band 41) can “hit killer speeds.” The review also points out that the iPhone 6s speed increase is due to the fact that we’re rolling-out 2X20 carrier aggregation on 2.5GHz which delivers “dramatic speed increases in major cities.”

Our carrier aggregation deployment on high-traffic 2.5GHz cell sites in 80 initial markets is making a real impact, and this PC Magazine review is tremendous validation.

Click here to read the full PC Magazine article.