Introducing Gigabit Class LTE and Massive MIMO
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March 17,  2017

By now, it is common knowledge that Sprint has serious prowess when it comes to network innovation. Admittedly, we have the deck stacked in our favor as the network team is led by formidable network gurus, Dr. John Saw and Günther Ottendorfer, our spectrum position is second to none, and with their mad skills our network team and our industry colleagues are generating incredible new innovations regularly.

Announced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona were Gigabit Class LTE and Massive MIMO, both impressive demonstrations of Sprint’s abilities. Both are made possible by the capacity of Sprint’s unparalleled spectrum holdings.

With every advancement, Sprint’s MVNOs and MVNO customers benefit because we offer our MVNOs full access to our network and its capabilities. Read on to learn more.

Gigabit Class LTE
Sprint and Ericsson recently conducted the industry’s first demonstration of Gigabit LTE TDD over 60MHz of spectrum to reach 1Gbps class speeds. When deployed, Sprint customers will benefit from even faster mobile data speeds and a better user experience

Sprint recently Uses LTE technology advances to show 1Gbps class performance over 60MHz of LTE TDD spectrum, an industry first. 

By 2022, Ericsson expects video applications to drive an eight-fold increase in mobile data traffic. Gigabit LTE TDD will be a key technology to enable users to enjoy data-intensive services and advanced features and applications on Sprint's LTE Plus network at higher speeds for an enhanced user experience. Gigabit performance will deliver extremely fast access to customers' favorite content including improved access to high-quality 4K video streaming. Read more about Gigabit Class LTE.

Massive MIMO
Massive volumes of input and output streams – might sound like geek talk – it’s really just the ability with massive computing power to add a massive numbers of antenna elements in the antennas on our cell sites. And 3D beamforming supported by Massive MIMO is simply more cell signals moving in both horizontal and vertical directions. More antenna elements and more cell signals mean the Sprint LTE Plus network can increase its data traffic in high-demand sectors by up to 10 times. 0 times! And in the future, these technologies will be a key element of our high-capacity 5G network. Read more about Massive MIMO